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Baking and Cooking with Love

Posted in: Chocolate and Cacao
Avatar Written by Choba Choba
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Do you remember the times visiting your grandparents and there was always something really tasty to eat for you?

A homemade cake, some jam that your grandmother cooked or all those delicious meals. And if that wasn’t with your grandparents maybe it was with someone else a friend, a family member or your parents. It’s that moment you visit a loved one and you could tell they’ve just cooked or baked for you with love.

In 2020 we’ve spent more time than ever at home, given the current circumstances. And there are many things we can do to use this time at home. So, we can use our precious time at home to remember those moments and recreate them just for yourself, for your wife, for your husband, for your partner, your roommates or for your family. And it doesn’t take much effort, it needs simply good ingredients, a good recipe and well some of your love that goes into whatever you create in your kitchen and the whole house smells deliciously good.

We’ve thought we can help you with that. Not only with our Baking & Cooking Drops that will sure add a lovely chocolate taste to your recipes but also with some recipe that will sure warm your heart and those who you are baking or cooking for.


Find here our recipe booklet to give you some inspiration.

And by the way, if you have the chance to bake or to cook together with your loved ones do it. It’s a great activity that will bring you all together and afterwards you can enjoy a tasty meal together. Or have you thought of sharing some love with your friends and family? Why not bake some cookies and send them to them with a little personal card? You’ve got the time; we’ve got the recipes and the perfect match to add the pure taste of chocolate to your recipes.

Enjoy baking and cooking! Stay tuned we are already working on more recipes for you.