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Our cacao nativo is officially among the best on this planet!

Written by Eric Garnier
International Cocoa Awards

Monday, October 10 2017, was an important day in the history of Choba Choba. Doriza and Carlos, two Choba Choba cacao farmers and co-founders from Peru, have just arrived in Paris, leaving their country for the very first time! Before they continue their trip to Switzerland where they will meet their chocolate fans, they make a quick stop-over at the world famous Salon du Chocolat. They are keen on attending the IV. International Cocoa Awards (ICA) that takes place every two years and honors the work and expertise of cacao producers worldwide.

This award also raises awareness among the general public as well as the professionals from the chocolate industry about the diversity and richness of the places of origins of cacao. It also wants to encourage the producing countries to seek for fine cacao and to promote its production.

Every producing country thus sets up a national committee that selects the best cacao samples from its country. These are then presented to the technical committee of the international “Cocoa of Excellence” program. Among the 160 cacao samples presented by 40 countries, only 50 of the best are nominated for the ICA and finally evaluated by a panel of about 40 experts.

In Peru only, more than 60 samples have been analyzed by the national committee. Choba Choba that has already done great groundwork on the cacao nativo sent a sample of these for evaluation. And we are very proud to announce that our cacao nativo not only has been named one of the three best cacaos of Peru but that it has also been nominated by the program “Cocoa of Excellence” as one of the 50 best cacaos of the planet! Even if we did not yet win the international award, it is already a great success for us, especially considering the limited means we have had for this project so far.

This means that in less than 24 months of its existence, Choba Choba has not only won recognition for its new and alternative business model. Also our hard work on the field, on the quality of cacao that we grow on our small farms in the Alto Huayabamba is being recognized.

Doriza and Carlos were very proud to go on stage at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris where they were joined by fellow cacao producers and experts like them from all around the world. But Doriza and Carlos will not rest on these laurels. Now they are more eager than ever to demonstrate Choba Choba’s efforts in preserving and investigating these exceptional cacao varieties with our Nativo Project.

And we can’t wish for a better start and a greater inspiration source to start our ambitious project…