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Chocolate for beginners

Avatar Written by Nataliia Kiefer
Box mit vielen farbigen Schokolade Mini-Tafeln auf einem Kakaosack und neben Kakaobohnen.

Smelling, breaking and tasting… eating chocolate is a whole process

Cocoa and chocolate have their own aroma universe that can be explored in five steps, a process that helps assess the quality of chocolate. Step by step get to discover the world of chocolate and enjoy the incredible complexity of Choba Choba’s unique creations.

Step 1: Eating starts with the eyes

As you know, you can also eat with your eyes. You can observe the chocolate’s shiny surface. The higher the cocoa content, the darker the colour. The colour should be uniform. The quality of chocolate is characterised by a silky gloss, as matt chocolate is an indication of poor temperature conditioning.

Step 2: Always follow your nose

The smell reveals a lot about chocolate’s aromas. In total there are 69 volatile flavouring substances in chocolate, but only 28 to 30 of them reach the human olfactory threshold. Each type of chocolate has its own specific aroma profile.

Step 3: Keep your ears open

Good chocolate makes a sound. The quality of chocolate can be appreciated in the clear crackling noise and the fine grains along the fracture. When broken in two, high-quality chocolate is characterised by a clear, rich crack.

Step 4: Melts on the tongue

Chocolate should melt on the tongue with a silky roundness developing in the mouth. When the chocolate melts on the tongue or palate, it gives out a velvety feeling. It should only be chewed once or twice at most.

Step 5: Let your feelings run free

Your eyes should be closed during the tasting to feel the numerous aromas develop and expand. Lean back and enjoy!