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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

  • What makes Choba Choba chocolate so special?

    The Choba Choba chocolate is a blend of unique terroir, extraordinary endemic cacao varieties and the craftsmanship of the best Swiss Chocolatier. Our cacao beans grow on our small family farms in the beautiful Alto Huayabamba Valley located in the upper Amazon and the birthplace of cacao itself – right in the heart of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Gran Pajatén. In Switzerland our precious cacao is transformed by Felchlin – a master in the chocolate world. Our products are pure: Our dark creations are made with our cacao beans, cacao butter and raw cane sugar only. Some of our creations are rounded up with some special ingredients. We never blend cacao varieties to fully reveal their specific aromas; never add palm oil, soy lecithin or any preservatives, aromas or additives, and produce our treats in small batches to ensure freshness. Learn more about our chocolates here.

  • Where is the chocolate crafted?

    The chocolate is produced by the renown Swiss chocolatier, Felchlin, in the Swiss canton of Schwyz.

  • Can I buy Choba Choba in stores / retail?

    Yes, since the end of 2017, our products are also available in selected retail stores! And where exactly can you find our chocolate? Ask us and we’ll happily inform you about the stores nearest to you.

  • Why do you enter the broader market, Coop?

    By entering the broader market, Coop, a stable, sustainable growth is to be achieved that will allow Choba Choba to increase its impact in Peru and to be economically successful with a fair business model. With this step out of the niche, we also want to become a real alternative to the well-known big Swiss chocolate brands.

  • What influence does the entry into the broader market has on the farmers lives?

    By purchasing more cocoa beans from Peru, we are increasing the impact in Peru. This will further improve the incomes and living conditions of cocoa farmers.

  • Are your chocolates fair and organic?

    Our chocolates are exclusively produced with our own cacao, we grow on our small family farms in the two villages Santa Rosa and Pucallpillo, Alto Huayabamba Valley, Peru. The Choba Choba farmers have a long tradition in cultivating cacao in harmony with nature. They don’t use pesticides or fertilizers and grow their cacao in organic agroforestry systems – a sustainable farming method that protects and fosters the rich biodiversity of their Amazon region and preserves their unique ecosystems.
    Our other core ingredients, cacao butter and raw cane sugar are also produced in organic cultivation by small cooperatives in the Dominican Republic and Paraguay respectively.

  • Is your packaging sustainable?

    Yes. We have put a lot of effort in finding great suppliers for our packaging and we are happy and proud to partner with IGGESUND. They provide our card boxes produced with green energy and with raw materials they source from their own forest. Our boxes are then assembled by a workshop of BWO Langnau, a foundation committed to integrate people with disabilities into working life.

  • Can I buy your chocolates as a gift?

    Yes! The artful and outstanding design of our chocolates makes them a great present for any occasion. Give away our selections presented in artful Amaringo Boxes or surprise with our exclusive one-year subscription, the Choba Choba Club membership.

  • Which role do the farmers play taking the decision?

    The decision was largely driven by the cocoa farmers, because they want to be able to sell more cocoa to their own company at a stable, high price.


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