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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

  • Who owns Choba Choba?

    Choba Choba was founded and is owned by 36 cacao farming families from the Alto Huayabamba Valley, Peru, and two experts in sustainable chocolate industry, Eric Garnier and Christoph Inauen. Meet all Choba Choba farmers and founders as well as the rest of the rebels here.

  • What does it mean for the farmers to be co-owners of Choba Choba?

    The 36 cacao farming families and co-founders of Choba Choba are no longer “mere” cacao suppliers but have their own chocolate brand and sell their chocolates directly to the consumers. They are now involved in the decision making processes of the company. They finally have a say in the chocolate business by defining the price of their cacao and as shareholders they benefit directly from the profits of the company. Learn more about the story, background and vision of the Chocolate Revolution here.

  • What does “choba choba” mean?

    The term choba choba derives from the local variety of the indigenous Quechua language group, originally spoken in the Alto Huayabamba Valley. It means: “I help you, you help me” and is still used in our communities to describe a form of collaborative work in the cacao field and in the daily life. This term also represents best how we work as a company and how we want to transform the chocolate world hand in hand with the chocolate consumers. We learn from each other, we depend on each other and we move forward together!

  • Can I contact or even visit the farmers?

    Absolutely! The farmers are very happy to get in touch with the consumers of their chocolate and even more so to meet you in person, let you discover their farms and share with you their expertise and stories. If you wish to contact or visit the farmers, please get in touch with us at community@chobachoba.com.


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