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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

  • What makes the Choba Choba Club so exclusive?

    The Choba Choba Club is our annual chocolate subscription. As a member you will receive every two months a fresh delivery from the farmers directly to your mail box! You will get the chance to discover all of our creations, assist in the development of the next Choba Choba masterpieces, and be the first to try them, and get to taste the unique aromas of our “cacaos nativos” – very rare cacaos from our Alto Huayabamba – that the members of our Club have privileged access to. Your subscription will make you an active part of the Chocolate Revolution, in every box bring you the unique stories from the Alto Huayabamba and let you follow our revolutionary movement! Find all the details about the Choba Choba Club here.

  • How do I customize my boxes?

    You can customize your subscription in your personal account under “Customize my subscription”. Once you have received your first delivery, the Tasting Box, you have 30 days to pick the favorite bars for the three customizable boxes of your subscription.

  • How can I unsubscribe from the Club?

    I bought my subscription myself: You become a member of the Choba Choba Club for at least one year and you can only cancel your membership for the following cycle. You will receive an email 10 days prior to the renewal of your membership where you can cancel your subscription by clicking on a link.

    I received my subscription as a gift: If you have received a voucher code that you redeemed for a one-year subscription, then your Club membership ends automatically after one year .If you however wish to continue being a member of the Club, you can purchase another subscription.

  • How to redeem the gift voucher for the Club?

    Go to our subscription page here. Click on “Redeem my voucher”. You will then be transferred to the cart where you already find the subscription. Don’t worry! Your voucher code will allow you to place your subscription order for free! Enter the code that you find in the bottom left corner of your voucher into the field “Vouchers” and click on “OK”. Then click on “Proceed to checkout”. You will then be asked to create an account and to indicate your delivery address. (If you already have a Choba Choba
    account, just sign in to your account.) Once you have created your account, you will be automatically directed to the delivery address section. Click on “Proceed to
    checkout”. Confirm the free delivery, read and tick off the Terms and Conditions. Click on “Proceed to checkout” one last time.

  • How long is the Club voucher valid?

    The voucher is valid one year starting from the purchase date and can be redeemed within that period.

  • When will my chocolates arrive?

    Find the exact delivery time for each of the boxes here.

  • Will I be informed before my subscription is automatically renewed?

    Yes. After one year, your Club membership will be automatically renewed because we would like the process of renewal to be as easy as possible for you. But of course we will notify you about this beforehand and 18 days prior to the renewal, you will receive an email so you can cancel your subscription in time if you wish to quit the Club.

  • How can I give away a Club membership?

    Order a Subscription Voucher. You will then receive an email with the voucher attached in PDF form. Print out the PDF voucher and give it to your presentee or send it to him / her by email. The code on this voucher will allow them to place their subscription order for free.

  • Can I buy and redeem myself a voucher that I bought for somebody else?

    Yes, but we don’t recommend to do so! Although you can redeem yourself a voucher that you have bought for somebody else and put in a different delivery address for that subscription. However you should keep in mind, that the subscription will then be managed over your personal account and you will have to customize the boxes yourself.


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