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From bean to bar – Zofia knows exactly what your favorite chocolate went through

Avatar Written by Choba Choba

Zofia joined us last week and will oversee the entire process from the harvest of cocoa beans on the small farms of the Alto Huayabamba, to their transformation into delicious chocolate until they finally, packed in the enchanting Choba Choba box, find their way to your letter box … 1. Congrats, you just survived your first week at…

1. Congrats, you just survived your first week at Choba Choba! Your verdict?

Well it began with a table full of chocolates and pisco sours (carefully concocted by Nico), so pretty much a perfect start!
On a serious note though, I’m proud to be joining a passionate team offering such unique chocolate. Viva Choba Choba!

2. Before joining the Choba Choba Chocolate Revolution you were a Manager in Supply Planning in a multinational Swiss company. Why come to Choba Choba? Was it love at first bite?

I was really drawn by the philosophy of Choba Choba. Agriculture and poverty are tightly linked. I hope that with my background in Supply Chain and sustainable development I can contribute to bringing it forward (the delicious chocolate tasting is a nice perk too;) ).

3. What is going to be your biggest challenge in the new role?

Learning quickly everything I can about chocolate production, as I’ve never worked with chocolate before. But I’m looking forward to delving into the cocoa world and I have a lot of visits lined up in the next coming weeks. These should help me to better understand every step involved in bringing you a beautiful Choba Choba selection box.

4. After a hard and exhausting day at work, what Choba Choba bar would you choose to cheer yourself up?

Easy: This bar is part of the next Choba Choba creation (#5). I’m sorry I can’t tell you any details for now but I had the chance to try it and it’s simply delicious! Its special ingredient together with the exceptional cocoa used for that creation are a perfect match!