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From the Alps to the jungle

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Pasiona, Oshoquin & Jimy in Switzerland

Pasiona, Oshoquin & Jimy say goodbye and invite you

Choba Choba is much more than a chocolate brand. It is a community of cocoa producers and chocolate lovers who stand together for a better chocolate world. Direct exchange between these two sides is an essential part of our mission. That’s why Pasiona and Oshoquin, two Peruvian cocoa producers and cofounders of Choba Choba, as well as Jimy, our Peruvian co-worker, came to Switzerland in April. They could meet our clients and supporters face to face, visit partner companies and see how Choba Choba operates in Switzerland.

Here, they share some of their experiences and invite you to continue this exchange in the Alto Huayabamba. Go on our Impact Trips and visit them in Peru!


Before coming to Switzerland, I was a bit worried. How will we get through the long flight, how is food over there and how cold is it going to be? But when we finally arrived, everything was just great!

I learnt a lot there. I saw how much work the team as well as our partners are doing to produce the best possible chocolate. Our team in Bern organised several workshops around various themes during which we learnt a lot about the way our company works in Switzerland.

The most interesting thing for me as a Choba Choba fermentation expert was the visit at the factory of our chocolate producer Felchlin. I learnt everything about further processing of our cocoa beans. It motivated me to further increase the quality of our beans, so when I come back, I’ll work even harder and give 177%! 😉

I was able to show our clients, partners and supporters that Choba Choba is much more than a simple chocolate company. We have a clear social and ecological mission: improve conditions for cocoa producers and protect cocoa biodiversity in the Alto Huayabamba valley. This is what sets us apart from other brands in the industry.

We also met a lot of people who didn’t know where chocolate comes from, how cocoa is produced and what we do at Choba Choba. Telling them about our Revolution and explaining why it is needed was a genuinely wonderful feeling!

If you come to Peru, I will show you around our wonderful Alto Huayabamba and introduce you to every single step of cocoa production: from the field to the harvesting, fermentation and drying processes, as well as the last quality check before shipment to Europe. Also, you will discover all our projects and experience the positive impact of our Revolution in the Alto Huayabamba!



It was my very first time in Europe. But before the trip to Switzerland, I wasn’t worried. After all, we had a very clear goal: getting to know Choba Choba’s partners and clients in Switzerland.

To start with, what impressed me the most in Switzerland were the cold temperatures. But after a few days, I got used to it. I was particularly impressed with the order and discipline there, and how much people value and cherish nature.

Many people here don’t know where cocoa comes from and who produces it. Just like many cocoa producers around the world don’t know where their product is processed and sold…

That’s why I was very happy to explain to visitors of “Festichoc”, the biggest chocolate festival in Switzerland, what makes Choba Choba so special, what the purpose of our Revolution is, and what difference it really makes for cocoa producers.

If you come and visit us in Peru, I want to show you all the projects we, as Choba Choba, implement on the field. This way, you’ll see how transparent and efficient we are, and develop an even stronger connection with the people behind your chocolate.



Before traveling to Switzerland, I was a bit scared of flying and of the altitude I must admit…

What impressed me the most was the visit at our logistics and shipping partner, Band-Genossenschaft, where our chocolate is stored, packed and shipped. They employ people with disabilities, providing them with work opportunities. It’s nice to see how these people can contribute and develop their skills, and that we, as Choba Choba, are able to collaborate with a company that shares many of our values.

The most important experience for me during the trip was of course meeting our consumers in person. It’s a unique opportunity to be able to exchange directly with you. It is wonderful that you choose to favour our creations over other chocolates – despite the abundance of choice here in Switzerland! It’s very important and a huge validation boost for us to hear how much you enjoy our chocolate.

It was very inspirational to exchange with our clients and explain how we work in the Alto Huayabamba, what the expression “choba-choba” (“I help you, you help me” in Quechua) means, and how it reflects our company’s vision.

My message for you: Keep enjoying our chocolate not only because it tastes good, but also because you’re supporting our company and our numerous projects in the Alto Huayabamba. And come visit us in Peru. Take part in the Impact Trips and discover where your favourite chocolate comes from!


Have you missed the unique opportunity of meeting Pasiona, Oshoquin and Jimy in Switzerland? No worries! For now, you can travel with us to the Alto Huayabamba to meet all cacao producers and Choba Choba co-founders personally! Learn more about our Impact Trips here.