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“Gaggo Leche”: The link between two UNESCO biosphere reserves

Avatar Written by Choba Choba
Gaggo Leche

In November 2016, Oswaldo − cocoa farmer and co-founder of Choba Choba − visited Switzerland for the very first time. During his trip, he also met with Tony, one of the producers in Entlebuch who supply our milk. In the meantime, we launched “Gaggo Leche”, our very first milk chocolate bar. But let’s have Oswaldo explain himself what makes this bar so unique and why it is much more than just chocolate…

I could write a whole book about this incredible adventure I’ve had the chance to embark on. It was filled with encounters and new experiences. At 59 years old, I would never have imagined leaving South America to discover another continent!

Let me tell you about one of these memorable encounters: with Tony, a milk producer. Like us, Choba Choba cocoa producers, Tony lives in the heart of a UNESCO biosphere reserve called Entlebuch. This biosphere reserve supplies the milk we have selected to create our very first milk chocolate bar, “Gaggo Leche” (gaggomeans cocoa in the Bernese language, and lechemeans milk in Spanish). A most unique chocolate as it is the very first milk chocolate to use both cocoa and milk from two UNESCO biosphere reserves.

I live in the Alto Huayabamba, in the Gran Pajatén biosphere reserve, and Tony in Entlebuch… 10,000km separate us and yet we share the same vision: producing and growing crops in harmony with nature, promoting our home products, and striving for a fair pay for our farming activity. What a pleasure to be invited at his farm to learn more about his work, meet his family, and share our knowledge and experience as producers.

I immediately felt close to Tony, he is my farming brother. Our daily lives are quite different, as he must face the harsh Alpine winter, while I work under the suffocating heat of the tropics, but when two farmers meet, even if they don’t speak the same language, bonds are woven and words can sometimes be superfluous.

Together we proudly launched this unique chocolate during the closing event of our “Chocolate Revolution House” in Zürich. Much more than a chocolate, it is in fact a symbol of complementarity between North and South, of harmony between man and nature, and of my friendship with Tony.

Oswaldo, cocoa farmer and co-founder of Choba Choba