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If he tells you what he’s working on, he’ll have to do away with you

Avatar Written by Choba Choba

Patrik is Choba Choba‘s secret agent on a very special mission. We knew, we needed somebody like him for that extremely important job. Why? Get to know him and you will understand, maybe …

1. What is it you are not allowed to talk about?

It has to do with my special mission for Choba Choba that will be disclosed in only a few weeks time, so just wait! And also, reading my answer to question 4, you will see that “not being allowed to” sounds like an invitation for me to actually do it. But since I am even better known for my “sadism” 🙂 than for denying of rules, I’ll have to let you down on this. All I can say is that many of the Chocolate Revolutionairies will be united physically for the first time, and I definitely consider you, dear reader, one of them!

2. Any illegal activity involved?

I would absolutely be happy to answer this question with a prompt and proud yes! Just think, how can a Revolution work if we play by the rules of the oppressors? …

3. You know Zurich like the back of your hand. Is there a link with your secret activity?

Hahaha, I wouldn’t say like the back of my hand, but definitely well enough to feel that there is a big potential to spark our amazing revolution. We’ll stir up Zurich’s chocolate scene!

4. No way to pump you for information… Let’s move on to more important questions then: Who’s your favorite boss?

Those who know me well, see that I have somehow deep rooted difficulties with authorities. Fortunately, neither Eric nor Christoph wear uniform, so both have good chances to become my favorite boss. I guess I give them both a few more weeks to perform until I decide on that.

5. And your favorite Choba Choba bar?

I love to experience the individual characteristics of pure cacao. If you really force me to name a single one, I’d pick Charito 58% plain. Experiencing the taste of this chocolate gave me a completely new understanding of what chocolate can taste like. It’s a dream!