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Impact of the Chocolate Revolution 2018

Written by Choba Choba

The latest facts and figures on the impact of our Chocolate Revolution:

Revenue Growth

Each year, the income of Choba Choba’s cocoa farmers increases. Thanks to Choba Choba, they earn extra income, through the higher price of cocoa (see below) and payments from the Revolution Fund (see below). Since 2016, this income has more than doubled, which represents a 20% increase in their total yearly income.

However, cocoa farmers’ yearly income isn’t the sole indicator of their development and prosperity. This is why we are developing, in collaboration with them and ETH Zurich’s Centre for Development and Cooperation, a comprehensive impact measurement tool. Last year, Carole Nordmann, a development specialist, spent nine months with Choba Choba’s cocoa farmers to conduct several field surveys and therefore study their living conditions. Her research serves as baseline for our measuring system. Soon, we’ll set concrete objectives with the farmers for various indicators in order to, as soon as next year, measure more precisely and in more detail their level of wellbeing.

Cocoa farmers as entrepreneurs

On the long term, the cocoa farmers should own the majority of the Choba Choba AG. And we are well under way towards that objective. Upon the company’s creation, our co-founders and farmers in the Alto Huayabamba owned a 7% share. Today, thanks to the Revolution Fund (see below), this share has gone up to 17%, an incredible increase. Of course, one doesn’t become an international entrepreneur overnight. One of Choba Choba’s most important missions therefore is to introduce cocoa farmers to the world of business and help them take the right decisions in this complex global sector. In that regard, we regularly organise workshops in situ, where farmers willingly participate and get to learn a lot of things. These workshops help them better co-manage their own Swiss company.

Revolution Fund

Our yearly general assembly took place in April in Peru. During this assemly Choba Choba’s cocoa farmers and co-founders meet and discuss matters relating to their company, and take important decisions. During these assemblies, the yearly Revolution Fund is also split up. The Revolution Fund is fuelled by the sales of Choba Choba’s chocolate: 5% of each chocolate bar is fed into the fund. The cocoa farmers directly decide of its use. Last year, CHF 38,109 were gathered and here is how Choba Choba’s farmers used the amount this year.

Higher Cocoa Price

In the cocoa sector, it is perfectly normal for the price of cocoa to be set by the stock market in London and New York. However, traders have little to no knowledge of the work conditions in cocoa farming, and the careful treatment it requires… This is why the market price, which is very volatile and of which farmers only receive around 60%, doesn’t represent the real value of the raw material… Therefore we decided to turn this price setting system upside-down! At Choba Choba, cocoa farmers set the value of their work, and thus the price of cocoa themselves. Each year, Choba Choba’s cocoa farmers set the price at which they wish to sell the cocoa to their company in a democratic way. This year for instance, the price of Choba Choba’s cocoa is twice that of the market price. Last year, this higher price alone helped Choba Choba’s cocoa farmers earn an additional income of CHF 1,288.40 per family.

When chocolate lovers meet cocoa rebels

However, the most important aspect of our Chocolate Revolution cannot be expressed in numbers. To measure it, you must turn to happy faces and sparkling eyes. Indeed, it is only natural to allow the most important stakeholders of our revolution to meet: cacao farmers & chocolate lovers. Our main mission is to make this direct connection a reality. This is why this summer, after the cocoa farmers visited Switzerland twice in the last two autumns, we took seven chocolate lovers to the Alto Huayabamba. There, they met directly with Choba Choba’s cocoa farmers, took part in the harvest and learned many things. But this encounter was not only positive for our chocolate fans: the cocoa farmers were also delighted to get to know their customers more. An enriching adventure and journey that we will no doubt organise every year. If you also want to dive into the jungle and go back to the origins of our cocoa and our revolution, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Support the revolution

Never has a revolution been so sweet and easy to support! 😉 To do so, all you have to do is enjoy our chocolate, offer it as a gift and spread the word around you…

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