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In good and in bad times – A revolutionary alliance for life

Avatar Written by Choba Choba

It’s been almost one year. Reminiscing about the past crazy months of the Chocolate Revolution … 1. You can be proud of yourselves: You set up a successful project, a big team is working with you now. Any plans to retire? Eric: I sincerely hope I will never retire! When you dedicate your time and…

1. You can be proud of yourselves: You set up a successful project, a big team is working with you now. Any plans to retire?

Eric: I sincerely hope I will never retire! When you dedicate your time and efforts to such an amazing project, being lucky enough to build something meaningful along with such beautiful people, would they be our brothers and sisters from Peru or our amazing teammates, why would I wish to stop working? It’s a pity that today so many people don’t find a meaning in their job… I would never be able to wake up in the morning if I had to fight against myself to go to the office… I feel so blessed and thankful to Life that brought me so many positive things. I draw my energy from each person I meet, from every experience. My biggest wish is to keep on learning from this amazing journey that is Life.

Christoph: What I love most about Choba Choba is that I never feel that I am at work. I just do what I believe in. To share this passion with farmers and our staff is an incredible motivation to get up every morning. In this sense, no, I absolutely have no plans to retire.

2. Looking back on the months you spent together: Any advice you would like to share with other start-up couples?

Eric: Talk, talk, talk… the answer lies in the communication. Just like in any couples! If you don’t express your fears, your feelings, your doubts, you face the risk that the pressure you bear as an entrepreneur drives you totally crazy. But more importantly you should also share your thoughts, your convictions, your positive energy. Christoph helps me to get back on positive tracks when I feel stressed or overloaded with too much work (I am good at being grumpy…). I would never have had the courage to start such a crazy project by myself. You should care for your partner as much as you care for your family members not only because you actually spend much more time with him/her than with anyone else…but also because caring and being taken care of is truly the only way you can actually find happiness on Earth !

Christoph: I would recommend anyone starting such an adventure to look for a partner with similar values and motivation. I did not know Eric very well before we started that project, but we both knew that we had the same motivation and values. I think this is the fundamental basis of our relationship and has allowed us to get that far together professionally. I think this “value-fit” was also a very fertile soil to create a deep personal friendship, with the latest result that Eric becomes godfather of my second child.
Of course there were many ups and downs and for sure we also had quite a few fights. The inspiring thing about working with Eric is that we somehow manage to take these difficult moments as an opportunity to grow – as a professional and also as a private person. I am very grateful, because I have already learned and developed a lot thanks to Eric.

3. Your first anniversary is around the corner – the first anniversary of the Chocolate Revolution. We hope you plan a decent celebration of this event … ?

Eric: Yes we do! We are preparing something big, cool, exciting and certainly a bit crazy in November. We won’t tell you more about it right now because it’s still a surprise but indeed we want to celebrate with everyone these 365 days of Chocolate Revolution. Our project started thanks to our Kickstarter backers back in November last year, we don’t imagine to celebrate this first anniversary without having them partying with us.

Christoph: Nothing to add. But be prepared for a big celebration end November.

4. You know each other well now. Eric, what’s Christoph’s favorite Choba Choba bar?

58% with Sri Lankan Pepper… no doubt… or… no ! no ! definitely… the “pepper” one!

5. Christoph, and which one does Eric prefer?
Good question!! I could order his favorite coffee, his favorite meal, his favorite drink… But the Choba Choba bar? Hmmm. 71% with salt. Right?

Eric: See? Salt & Pepper… What a perfect match…