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Managing Swiss Francs on your balance sheet? Madeleine gets to deal with Peruvian Soles!

Avatar Written by Choba Choba

A new project brings many new challenges. Madeleine is in charge of important figures at Choba Choba. A responsible task …

1. Small company – small problems, are we right?

Problems? Not at all! There are almost no small problems and especially no big ones. It’s a very unique challenge for every member of the Choba Choba family, whether you work in the management in the office or as a cacao farmer in Peru. We like taking up big challenges and we always try to find the best solutions and implement them successfully! Choba Choba with its alternative business model is a pioneer and therefore still at the beginning. That’s why everybody in the team has a role to play and has to be innovative, creative and sometimes even ingenious when we have tough nuts to crack. That’s why it’s important to stick together and to work hand in hand, that’s the “Choba Choba” spirit: You help me, I help you.
We have great plans as a company but I can’t reveal more for now. 😉

2. How did you hear about Choba Choba?

A few years ago Christoph told me about his projects during a football match in our village. That was before Choba Choba was founded. But I don’t remember any of the match because I was so fascinated and moved by what he told me. I found especially admirable how he had turned his job into his vocation, tried to change the world a little and stood up for the most vulnerable link in the chain of the chocolate industry: the cacao farmers. His projects sounded very exciting. It also made me think about the conditions of the farmers and their families. When we first heard about the project Choba Choba, my husband and I immediately decided to support it on Kickstarter, to get hold of the best chocolate and through that to help launch the Chocolate Revolution. We also offered Christoph our practical help and this is how I ended up supporting Choba Choba in the area of Human Resources and Finance.

3. You have two jobs, two small kids and you’re part of the Chocolate Revolution. How do you manage all this?

When you have kids, you have many professions: you are a chef, a nurse, housekeeper, soccer coach, explorer and even much more, but you are not part of a Chocolate Revolution. I was so convinced of Choba Choba’s idea and project that I said to myself, I have to try my best to balance my different tasks so that I can be part of this movement. Of course I really love the time with my family and children, but I also look forward to that time when I can show my kids that the chocolate world can be different, when I can teach them sustainability and introduce them to other cultures. And what better way is there to do so than being part of such a movement myself? Obviously, there are times when everything and everybody requires my attention at the same time, but I see it in a positive light and try to do my best so that everything works out in the end. You have to be creative sometimes and make compromises. I am deeply grateful to get the chance to be part of Choba Choba. Needless to say that it is only possible thanks to the great support of my husband and family.

4. What Choba Choba creation don’t you want to miss in your life any longer?

Definitely 58% pepper from Box #1. I was so surprised by this amazing chocolate, it’s fantastic! But our passion fruit is also absolutely great!