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Nativo Project: News from the field

Written by Choba Choba
Choba Choba people

Since we kick-started our Nativo Project last November together with over 1000 chocolate lovers who supported our crowdfunding campaign, many things have happened on the ground in Peru …

200 Nativo trees planted

We planted 200 young cacao Nativo trees on the farms of our communities Pucallpillo and Santa Rosa in the name of our campaign backers who have chosen the tree as a special reward for their support. Every supporter has received the exact coordinates of his or her tree and knows that it grows on the field of Oswaldo, Pasiona, Lindley, Alicia etc… In 2,5 to 3 years these trees will already bear their first fruits!

Digging for gold in the Alto Huayabamba

By gold we obviously mean our cacaos Nativos! Since the beginning of this year, a researcher from the University UniLaSalle, Matéo Cosnefroy, has conducted a first analysis of all the local cacao trees on the farms of our co-founders in Peru. His results are now summed up in our «Nativo Project Catalogue» that gives us a full overview of all the local trees on the farms. This catalogue is the basis for further research of these varieties.
We are also proud to partner with two international expert organizations on this project: the Centro de Innovación del Cacao (CIC) and Bioversity. Together we will analyze the genetics of the precious local cacaos of the Alto Huayabamba Valley and discover the true «Nativos» among them. We will also understand how their unique characteristics and resources can be preserved and valorized for farmers and chocolate lovers.

How can you become a Nativo Heroe?

One of the biggest achievements of the Nativo Project is for sure the creation of our next Nativo chocolates: the Nativo Collection N°2. It will be released mid-November and promises another unique and aromatic tasting experience. Do not miss it!
Without you, dear chocolate lover, this project would not make much sense and would in fact not be possible. After all, we want to preserve these precious local cacaos so we can create exceptional chocolates for you! So we need your support to continue our big project and preserve these treasures of the Amazon. You can be a Nativo Heroe by simply enjoying our upcoming Nativo Collection N°2, by sharing it with others and by telling them about our work. After all, who doesn’t like amazing chocolate and great stories? 😉