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Nativo Project: Revealing the Treasures of the Amazon

Avatar Written by Choba Choba
Cacao Nativo

In October 2017 we took our Chocolate Revolution to the next level!

Weary of the industry‘s dull chocolates that all taste alike because they are created with only a few cacao varieties among the hundreds that exist in the world… we decided to bring new colors into this monotony and reveal the treasures slumbering in the deep jungle of the Peruvian Amazon.

Preserve rare cacaos for extraordinary chocolates

In their beautiful Alto Huayabamba Valley the farmers and co-founders of Choba Choba discovered around 50 local cacao varieties. These extremely rare cacaos only grow in this part of the planet and some of them boast extraordinary aromas. The farmers proudly call these precious cacaos «Nativos» – “the Natives” and consider them part of the natural heritage of their upper-Amazon valley. Convinced that these cacaos are of enormous value for them and for their chocolate lovers, they decided to preserve these treasures in order to create aromatic chocolates that the world has never tasted before …

Chocolate lovers & cacao farmers break records

This is how our Nativo Project started. A project dedicated to the preservation, research and replanting of these local cacaos. We want to identify all the local varieties that grow on the farms of our co-founders in Peru, analyze their genetic origins, preserve them in a local conservation center and replant the best of these varieties in order to produce a range of fine chocolates out of them. Sounds like a crazy job? It is!

Through our crowdfunding campaign in October 2017, we officially kicked off this ambitious longterm project and gathered funds to produce our very first Nativo chocolate creations. Within only 5 weeks over 1’000 enthused chocolate lovers jumped on the boat of our Nativo adventure and supported our project with over 140’000 CHF! We even set a new record among the food campaigns on the Wemakeit platform. Thanks to this campaign, the very first box of Nativo chocolates was released in November 2017 and delighted many chocolate lovers with its amazing aromas.

Full steam ahead

Overwhelmed by the great support from so many passionate chocolate lovers, we immediately rolled up our sleeves and laid the cornerstones for our Nativo Project. Much has happened since. In November 2018 we released the second edition of these aromatic chocolates, the Nativo Collection N°2 and also the Collection N°3 is coming soon! Stay tuned for November 2019.