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One like no other – What exactly makes an ideal chocolate bar?

Date: March 13, 2018 Posted in: Chocolate and Cacao,Chocolate Revolution
Avatar Written by Darja Budanov
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Its inner virtues

A good pure chocolate bar that is proud of its cocoa is exclusively made of cocoa beans and raw cane sugar. Cocoa butter is of course allowed, but it’s the only vegetable fat that should be used – any other, such as palm oil, should be strictly avoided! Also soya lecithin, flavourings such as vanillin, and preservatives are superfluous and should make any gourmet suspicious. In a premium chocolate bar, these additives only distort the natural flavour of cocoa. That’s why they are rather used to hide some of the undesirable aromas of substandard industrial chocolate.

It’s a pleasure for the eye

A fresh and skilfully crafted chocolate bar presents a velvety, slightly shiny surface. Why? This special sparkle is the result of conching (the chocolate production refining process that consists in stirring liquid chocolate for hours until the best result is achieved) as well as the final tempering for a stable crystallization of the cocoa butter.

And the nose

Its perfume must be intense and aromatic. Why not discover chocolate with our five senses? It’s a product of such finesse after all! And the perfume of a good chocolate bar already reveals some of its aromas.

It can sing

Indeed chocolate emits sounds. Or rather, one can hear a sharp crack when breaking off a piece of great chocolate – it is a sign of good-quality cocoa beans that were skilfully handled.

One like no other

A high-quality chocolate made from a specific variety of cocoa holds around 600 (!) different natural aromas. That’s why one can never grow tired of it! The more different chocolate bars you try, the more you discover and recognise bitter, fruity, nutty, spicy, flowery touches, etc. It’s a complete universe of aromas that reveals itself in every bite!

It knows its origins

… and is proud to show them, because it has nothing to hide! Quality chocolate not only benefits the retailer or manufacturer, but also the cocoa producers behind it. That’s why a specific chocolate should also be chosen for its sustainability and transparency and enjoyed mindfully, with gratitude for the work that has been put into it.