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She thought it was just your run-of-the-mill chocolate but then this happened …

Avatar Written by Choba Choba

It was love at first bite for Yulia. Her heart was instantly conquered by the Chocolate Revolution… and now she helps Choba Choba find its way through the marvelous maze of finance…

1. You decided to work as a volunteer once a week for Choba Choba. How come?

I heard about Choba Choba from a friend of mine, who told me how she bought a beautifully designed box of chocolates from this small new company, who worked to empower the cocoa farmers through its business. She showed to me an article in Tagesanzeiger about Choba Choba, and I liked the story and vision of the company so much that I immediately wanted to be part of it. I called Christoph up to see if maybe by some chance they could use some help in the company. Somehow, he did not think I was crazy (or maybe I had just the right dose of crazy ;), and he agreed to meet me to discuss how I could potentially contribute. One lunch-meeting later, we shook hands on me joining Choba Choba as a volunteer.

2. What attracted you to the Choba Choba story?

Most of us like chocolate. Dark or milk – it’s hard to find someone who does not enjoy a good bite of it once in a while. A lot of people drink their hot cocoa in the winter. And I think majority of us don’t know at all what goes into the production of the chocolate, and who stands behind it. Until a few years ago, I was oblivious to the reality of it as well – that the process of cocoa bean collection is fully manual, and that there is no way to automate it. Also to the fact that the farmers putting in all that hard labor into harvesting the cocoa beans for the product loved so much around the world actually barely make their ends meet. That is why I found the vision of Choba Choba so special and was attracted to its dynamic and engaging message.

3. What is it like to work for such a revolutionary movement?

One word – awesome! Incredibly motivating and inspiring. Ok, fine, that was 5 words. 😉
I see the team working with such passion and dedication towards achieving a wonderful goal that it only motivates me more to want to bring my best. It sounds big and whatnot. But it’s really special to see the interaction between the employees, the level of respect towards each other, recognition of achievements and celebrating successes together. It is like a well-functioning family, and that is truly precious!

4. And your impressions on the chocolates? A favorite?

Mmmmm. Gorgeous and yummy. Dare I say more? I’m a dark chocolate person, so I prefer the editions with higher cocoa %. But honestly, all the ones I have tasted so far have been great.