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Two people, one goal – The Choba Choba Community Twins

Avatar Written by Choba Choba

This pair of twins brings you the farmers’ stories and makes the Chocolate Revolution take off …

1. “Two people, one goal”? Explain.

We share the same spirit and purpose: To change the world for the better and to create unity in diversity.
That’s what we try to incarnate daily in our mission for Choba Choba. We work closely to share with you Choba Choba’s spirit and its adventures. As twins, we complete each other at work and it helps us in bringing the Chocolate Revolution forward, step by step together with the rest of the Choba Choba family! I really appreciate the perspicacity of my Choba Choba “sister”, she always gives me good advices and I can count on her help.

… and I could have never wished for a better Choba Choba “brother”, than William!
We seem different but we are actually very much alike, sharing two purposes: to keep you updated on the progress of the Chocolate Revolution and to surprise Eric, who has the good fortune of being our supervisor, with our radical ideas of communication…

2. How did you become part of the Chocolate Revolution?

I worked for a Fair Trade organization for 5 years. After the Paris office of my organization closed, I decided to quit my job and traveled through Asia for 6 months. Back in France, I was inspired to create a start-up to promote the handicraft of Asia and the richness of this continent but unfortunately it didn’t work out. Eric, the co-founder of Choba Choba and a former colleague contacted me, I discovered Choba Choba and wanted to be part of this inspiring and meaningful Revolution! In a few days, I was already part of the Chocolate Revolution.

For me, it was exactly the same but different: I studied linguistics, languages and law. After graduating from university last summer I had big plans for my life and wanted to become an accomplished polyglot. I would have never imagined, I’d join a revolutionary movement… Is that cool or what!!!

3. What are the main challenges of your work?

The ubiquity of chocolate in the office! Temptation lurks behind every corner …

We are still at the beginning so a lot has yet to be built up! I’m in charge of the Digital Marketing Strategy of Choba Choba and with Dasha, we have to identify the best way to share with you the stories of the farmers and all the news about the Chocolate Revolution.
Our sweet movement is spreading quickly and we often have to deal with some urgent tasks but that makes the adventure even more exciting!

4. Do you two also agree on what the best Choba Choba bar is?

Yes. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that the best Choba Choba bar is Juanita plain 64%!

Nope. Well for me, it’s definitely the Blood Orange and one Dasha doesn’t like, Charito Pepper.
We cannot agree all the time. Sometimes we argue and don’t speak for days. We are the Choba Choba “siblings” after all!