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Update ! (EN)

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Avatar Written by Choba Choba

It’s already been 10 days since our Kickstarter campaign ended. Time flies! Thank you again so much to all the Chocolate Revolution pioneers who backed our Choba Choba project. It’s time for a little update to let you know how things are going…

The design of the Choba Choba Chocolate Box is finalized and the first boxes have been printed! We are very proud of this design and we will reveal this piece of art in the coming days…

The cacao arrived in Switzerland ready to be transformed into delightful chocolate creations by our amazing chocolate maker. After a deep quality analysis we were able to define the adequate recipe and parameters to get the best out of these precious cacao beans. They will soon turn into pure cacao mass, then into chocolates, before being hand packed and shipped to the chocolate lovers all around the world…

We have also been working hard these past 2 weeks on our website and e-store and we are happy to announce they will be online very soon. This is great news as you will soon be able to dive deeper in the Choba Choba universe and get to know everything about our project and our chocolate.

To thank you from being Choba Choba fans from the very beginning, we will give you private access to this website/e-store during few days. This will allow you to offer more Choba Choba Chocolate Boxes to your friends and family for Christmas! Remember: we already presold more than 1600 boxes during the Kickstarter campaign and as you know our creations are produced in very limited edition, so if you wish to buy extra boxes, this private access is a great opportunity! First deliveries will occur first week of December.

That’s about it for now. Back to work! Stay tuned as we will soon give you more information as far as our chocolate production is concerned!