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It takes a crowd to make a difference

The Chocolate Revolution connects two continents, two hemispheres and a bunch of rebels with one purpose:
Turn the chocolate business upside-down!

logo-choba-black Rebels in the North

Mission & approach

Choba Choba’s mission is to provide chocolate lovers with a combined experience of exclusivity and meaningfulness.

We believe that the true goal of a business does not reside in generating profits for individuals. We believe the main purpose of a company, wherever it operates, whatever its business consists in, should be bringing people together, to create shared value for the global community and generate positive impact on the ecosystems.

Our approach is unique in the worldwide chocolate industry. We aim at improving the living conditions of our two farming communities by sharing the equity, governance and decision making process as well as the the benefits our company generates.

We want to set an example for a different way of running a chocolate business and we warmly invite all the chocolate lovers to join us in this Chocolate Revolution.

Choba Choba is a limited company headquartered in Bern, Switzerland, founded in 2015 by Oswaldo, Lindley, Francisco, Darwin, Alicia, Edwin, Carlos, Rosario, Doriza, Charlis, Robert, Jorge, Felix, Cristhian, Pasiona, Mirna, Marcial, Isabel, Tiobaldo, Juveli, Laura, Fredesvinda, Guadalupe, Francisco, Hildo, Hilmer, Eduardo, Willy, Narciso, Cromwer, Nancy, Paulino, Wilfredo, Oshoquin, Rosa Angelica, Clotilde, Christoph & Eric.

The Manifesto