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The Chef’s Choice

Weight: 350g + 150g

For all that love to bake and to cook like chef’s do this is a the must have for your kitchen: Our Baking & Cooking Drops and our Roasted Cacao Nibs in a one of a kind bundle.

The Baking & Cooking Drops with 71% cacao add the heavenly, intense dark chocolate flavours to your recipes. Enjoy the lovely pure taste of chocolate in your cakes, cookies and pastry and add a little surprising twist to your cooking. And after all who doesn’t love a real good hot chocolate? Simply stir the drops in hot milk (or a vegan alternative) et voilà let your mind wander and enjoy a moment of real pleasure.

Our Roasted fine flavor cacao nibs from the Alto Huayabamba Valley, Peru are 100% vegan. Add them to your cereals, bake delicious chocolate cookies or just simply use them as a snack.

Enjoy the pure flavours of cacao and real the taste of real chocolate in all your recipes.

Product is only shipped in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

We use only 3 ingredients in our Baking and Cooking Drops: Cacao beans from our farms in the Alto Huayabamba Valley Peru, cacao butter and raw cane sugar. Simple. Pure. Tasty.

100% roasted cacao nibs from cacao beans (Alto Huayabamba Valley, Peru).