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Feast for the eyes & for the palate

Our finest selections in artful boxes to discover and to give away

The Tasting Box

The Tasting Box

35,00 CHF

All of our creations in miniature. Plunge into the marvelous and colorful universe of the Choba Choba chocolates.

Pure Dark Pack

Pure Dark Selection

27,50 CHF

Our three Pures to discover again and again the great organoleptic spectrum of Alto Huayabamba’s great cacao.

Valentine Box

Mini Box

15,00 CHF

Small and beautiful: a mini version of our precious piece of art.

Fruity Pack On Sale

Fruity Selection

27,50 CHF   22,50 CHF

Chocolate and fruits, we make this combination an unforgettable aromatic experience, truly a festival of aromas.

Spicy Pack

Gourmet Selection

27,50 CHF

A journey from classical over fancy to surprising. Spicing up your chocolate tasting experience.

Milky Pack

Milk Selection

27,50 CHF

A World Premiere! This selection combines the best products from two UNESCO Biosphere Reserves: cacao and milk.

Your Selection

Your Selection

27,50 CHF

Discover your creative streak and compose your own selection of Choba Choba treats according to your taste.