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Choba Choba Moments

8 especially created pralines that let you dream of home and far away in a wonderful gift box with 32 pralines.

Weight: 320g

Within the creative collaboration between Casa Nobile and us - Choba Choba – we’ve created eight delightful chocolate moments that will make you dream from near and far. A combination of the flavours of Peru and Switzerland. From sweet raspberries from Zimmerwald, to rose balm from Puschlav, to fine cocoa from the Alto Huayabamba Valley and Pisco from Peru, we take you on a unique journey of pleasure.

The wonderful gift box is filled with 32 delightful pralines in 8 flavours. All ingredients have been carefully sourced and been creatively composed in combination with our unique Choba Choba Grand Cru chocolate to take you a heavenly taste journey.

Discover the 8 flavours of Pure Dark, Hay Milk, Pisco, Yuzu, Raspberry & Passionfruit, Terroir of Berne, Coffee, Rose Balm.

It’s the ideal gift for your loved ones or a wonderful way to treat yourself with something special.

Shipping fees always apply to this product since it consists of freshly handmade pralines. The box with the 32 pralines is delivered via A Mail to guarantee the freshness, the best taste and the great quality.

Product is only shipped in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

All 8 pralines have been created with our Grand Cru Chocolate made from fine flavour cacao beans of the Alto Huayabamba Valley.

Pure: Ganache made with intense dark Grand Cru chocolate.
Hay Milk: Ganache made with pure fine hay milk chocolate.
Pisco: Ganache made from Peruvian Pisco, yuzu and green tea marzipan with Grand Cru chocolate.
Yuzu: Ganache made from Japanese Yuzu lime and coconut butter with Grand Cru chocolate.
Raspberry & Passionfruit: Ganache made with raspberries (Zimmerwald, Switzerland) and passion fruit with Grand Cru chocolate.
Terroir of Berne: Ganache made with refined potato juice (family farm Wynistorf of Rüedisbach) rapeseed oil and almonds with Grand Cur chocolate.
Coffee: Ganache made with grounded coffee beans (Peru) with fine hay milk (Entlebuch, Switzerland).
Rose balm: Ganache made with rose balm (Puschlav, Switzerland), honey (Berne, Switzerland), cream and butter with Grand Cru Chocolate.

Contains milk (lactose), almonds and alcohol. May contain traces of hazelnuts, peanuts and soy.