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Gourmet Selection

Swiss Dark Chocolate 71 % Spicy Strawberry | 64% Coffee | 71% Sea Salt

Weight: 273g

3 bars 91g each of pure dark chocolate crafted by one of the best Swiss chocolatiers. Three unique chocolate experiences from classic to exceptional with our 71% chocolate bar spiced up with strawberry & jalapeño, a 64% bar combined with freshly roasted Colombian coffee and finally our 71% rounded up with sea salt from Camargue.

Spicy Strawberry: This dark chocolate offers a distinct taste of strawberries at first bite and finishes with an unexpected spiciness that is sure to keep you surprised. 

Sea Salt: The intensity of dark chocolate meets the subtle floral aromas of Camargue sea salt. 

Coffee: Freshly roasted and ground coffee beans give this creamy, dark chocolate a crunch. 

Agroforestry cacao beans from the Alto Huayabamba Valley Peru, raw cane sugar from Paraguay, cacao butter from the Dominican Republic, strawberry, jalapeño, coffee from small family farms in Colombia, sea salt from Camargue.

May contain traces of: milk (including lactose), almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, soy.

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