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Praline Assortment

32 Pralines

Weight: ca. 200g

We recommend to consume the pralines within 10 days after delivery.

Box crafted on demand. Choose between 3 delivery dates:

delivery on Dec 7 (oder placed by Dec 2)

delivery on Dec 14 (oder placed by Dec 9)

delivery on Dec 19 (oder placed by Dec 11)

Most exquisite delight of the year: We are proud to present the first Choba Choba Praline Assortment, created together with Jérémy Ramsauer. 
These pralines are made with our finest cacaos grown by our co-founders and farmers in the Alto Huayabamba valley. They wonderfully reveal the excellence of our cacao.

These delights are freshly handcrafted by Jérémy Ramsauer, one of the best Swiss chocolatiers. Jérémy turned our excellent cacaos into 32 unique creations:

  • 4 milk pralines 41% with Swiss cream filling
  • 4 dark pralines 58% with Swiss cream filling
  • 4 dark pralines 64% with Swiss cream filling
  • 8 dark pralines 70% with Swiss cream filling
  • 4 milk pralines 41% with delicious passion fruit filling
  • 4 dark pralines 58% with filling out of coffee from Peru & hazelnuts from Piedmont
  • 4 dark pralines 64% with sea salt filling from Guérande

We create the pralines on your demand, absolutely fresh and deliver them directly at home. Enjoy this exclusive masterpiece for Christmas that combines the best of two worlds: the cacao expertise of the Choba Choba farmers in Peru and the excellent craftsmanship of Swiss praline art.

Your entire order will arrive on the delivery date you choose for the Praline Assortment.

Storage: To keep the pralines fresh, we recommend to store it in a cool place at max. 18°C.


Agroforestry cacao beans from the Alto Huayabamba Valley (Peru), raw cane sugar (Paraguay), cacao butter (Dominican Republic), whole milk powder from Entlebuch (Switzerland).


Cream (Switzerland), cocoa butter (Africa), glucose (Switzerland), passion fruit (South America), hazelnuts Piedmont (Italy), coffee (Peru), sea salt from Guérande (France), fruit pectin (Switzerland), sugar (Switzerland), lemon juice (Switzerland).

May contain traces of other nuts.