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Pure Dark Selection

Swiss Pure Dark Chocolate 58% | 64% | 71%

Weight: 273g

3 bars 91g each of fine dark chocolate crafted by the best Swiss Chocolate maker. Sharpen your senses and discover over and over again the great organoleptic spectrum of Alto Huayabamba’s great cacao with our three pure creations – none like the other. Our 58% pure dark chocolate made out of Trinitario cacao from our small family farms in the Alto Huayabamba Valley, the 64% pure dark from the unique cacao “Colección Yoplac Pucallpillo” exclusively grown by our two small communities Pucallpillo and Santa Rosa and the 71% pure dark again with our Trinitario cacao but much stronger this time.

Agroforestry cacao beans from the Alto Huayabamba Valley Peru, raw cane sugar from Paraguay, cacao butter from the Dominican Republic. Nothing else.

May contain traces of: milk (including lactose), almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, soy.

Greeting Card

3,50 CHF