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Choba Choba Subscription

Annual subscription


Weight: 1 box of 280g; 5 boxes of 273g

For chocolate lovers, addicts and pioneers who want to make a difference while enjoying the finest treat. With our subscription, you will receive every two months a fresh delivery from the farmers directly to your mail box! You will get one Tasting Box, one Nativo Box, one Innovation Box and three boxes customized by yourself.

Your subscription will make you an active part of the Chocolate Revolution, allow you to assist in the discovery of the next Choba Choba masterpieces and give you the access to the unique and unrivaled aromas of our “cacao nativo”.

Most of all, it will create a direct and deep connection between you and the Choba Choba cacao rebels. In every box, you will discover their unique stories, get to know their life in the Alto Huayabamba and follow our revolutionary movement step by step!

  • Free shipping included (by B Mail)
  • You can only buy one subscription per order
For additional information visit Subscribe page
What’s in the subscription?

Six chocolate boxes throughout the year. Click on a month to discover the box.
How it works

Your subscription step by step

  • Step 1

    Purchase your subscription in our online store.

  • Step 2

    Right after you will receive your first delivery: the Tasting Box.

  • Step 3

    Log in on our website and choose your favorite bars from the Tasting Box for your three customizable boxes.

  • Step 4

    You have 30 days to customize your boxes or we will send you some random selections.

  • Step 5

    Receive your customized three boxes and the two special, Nativo and Innovation, boxes in the respective months as stated above.

  • Step 6

    After one year, your subscription is automatically renewed if it is not canceled by you.