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Looking for a different Christmas?


  • Become a change maker and surprise your loved ones with authentic chocolates.

  • Give away extraordinary chocolate creations that you buy directly from 36 cacao farmers.

  • Share the unique story of our Chocolate Revolution and the engaged rebels behind it.

Most exquisite delight of the year

We are proud to present the first Choba Choba Praline Assortment, created together with Jérémy Ramsauer.

Our farmers and co-founders in the Alto Huayabamba grow the finest cacao for your exclusive delight. To surprise you with the very first Choba Choba pralines that fully reveal the excellence of their cacao, they decided to find the best maestro of praline art.

This is why we partnered with the Swiss chocolatier Jérémy Ramsauer to bring you this masterpiece that combines the best of two worlds: the cacao expertise of the Choba Choba farmers in Peru and the excellent craftsmanship of Swiss praline art.

The best of two worlds

  • The fine cacao for these pralines is grown with much care by the Choba Choba farmers and co-founders in the Alto Huayabamba valley.

  • These delights are handcrafted by Jérémy Ramsauer, one of the best Swiss chocolatiers.

  • Jérémy turned our excellent cacaos into unique creations: pure ones and some refined with special ingredients. A total of 32 pralines.

  • We create our pralines on your demand: absolutely fresh and delivered directly to your home.

A revolution for everyone

Happy Holidays

For true epicures


Praline Assortment

Our first Praline Assortment with 32 exquisite pralines, freshly handcrafted with our finest cacao and with the best ingredients.

For the favorite person


Chocolate Subscription

Because the best person in your life deserves presents all year long: Our yearly chocolate subscription with 6 boxes of finest creations.

For adventure seekers


Nativo Collection N°2

The best of our cacao: Three pure dark bars crafted out of aromatic and rare cacao varieties from the Alto Huayabamba valley.

For curious explorers


Tasting Box

The entire universe of the favorite Choba Choba chocolate creations: colorful, delicious and directly from the farmers.

Christmas all year long

Make your loved ones pioneers of the Chocolate Revolution for one entire year and give away our yearly chocolate subscription!

Every two months, they will be surprised by a box of finest chocolates delivered directly to their home. They will enjoy their favorite chocolate bars, discover our novelties and receive the stories of the farmers and co-founders of Choba Choba in the Alto Huayabamba.

Receive at home

Six boxes of finest chocolates throughout the year: every two months a chocolate box arrives at home.

Discover & enjoy

Our subscribers receive exclusive Choba Choba creations that we craft only for them.

Become a rebel

Join our Community of chocolate lovers and cacao farmers that together revolutionize the chocolate world.