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Grand Cru chocolate directly from our farms

For our chocolates we only use fine cacao beans from our own production in the Alto Huayabamba Valley in the Peruvian Amazon. This magical micro-terroir is ideal for cacao production because it lies at the heart of the origin of the cacao plant. We control the quality of our chocolate right from the seedling and ensure that the cacao is harvested at the right time, perfectly fermented, dried and then shipped to Switzerland. Once arrived, we only add cocoa butter and raw cane sugar to our cacao beans – nothing else is needed for our pure Crand Gru chocolates.

  • Farmers define the price of their cacao (Bottom-up pricing)
  • Farmers benefit from the profits as shareholders of Choba Choba
  • Farmers are represented in the board of the company and have a real voice in the product development, communication and marketing strategy

Choba Choba, a different kind of chocolate business

We operate fundamentally differently from the rest of the industry. Our name already implies this – in Quechua Choba Choba means “I help you, you help me”.

Our motivation is not “maximising profits for shareholders”, but the permanent improvement of the living conditions of cacao farmers in Peru. The cocoa farming families involved not only receive two to three times more money for the raw material, but also have a share in the company’s share capital and thus in the most important decisions and profits of the company. So instead of being only suppliers of raw materials, they are co-entrepreneurs on an equal level.

We, you, no one else