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The Choba Choba Chocolate

Chocolate Revolution

Our chocolate is pure: We use our own agroforestry cacao beans, cacao butter, raw cane sugar. Nothing else.

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Pure Chocolate

Our creations are the unique fruit of the best cacao varieties grown on the small farms in the Alto Huayabamba Valley in Peru and of the renowned Swiss expertise in fine chocolate creation. Our chocolate is pure: We use agroforestry cacao beans, cacao butter, raw cane sugar. Nothing else.

Meet the Rebels

Travel to the origins of the Chocolate Revolution

On our Impact Trips you will witness the influence of our common Chocolate Revolution in the Alto Huayabamba, by living with our cacao farmers and co-founders and seeing their extraordinary life and the excellent quality of their work. You will discover where and how cacao is grown and you will dive into the deep jungle of the Amazon. Ready for a life-changing adventure?

Power to the Farmers

After 10 years of working in the fair trade chocolate industry, Eric, Christoph and 36 organic cacao farmers from the Alto Huayabamba Valley joined hands and founded Choba Choba – a chocolate brand in which farmers no longer are mere raw material suppliers. Instead, they have a direct stake in the company and benefit from its success.

The Revolution

Become a Revolutionary

Make the world a better place by eating chocolate! Through our subscription program you become an active supporter of the Chocolate Revolution. Every two months we will bring your favorite treats and exclusive creations with the latest stories from the Alto Huayabamba directly to your mail box.

The Blog


The latest facts and figures on the impact of our Chocolate Revolution: Revenue growth Thanks to Choba Choba’s business model, the yearly income of the Choba Choba cocoa farmers has not stopped growing since the beginning of the Chocolate Revolution. Whereas in 2016, each one of the Choba Choba cocoa farmers earned 726 CHF more…

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