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Gifts from our Farms with Love

Share the joy of our fine chocolate creations with your valued customers and treasured team members.

Made with the finest cacao from our farms in the Alto Huyabamba and crafted with care by the best Swiss chocolate makers, our chocolates gifts offer more than taste.

Our gifts offer a glimpse into a story of of courage, friendship, and collaboration.

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Marie-Camille Firmin

Discover our comprehensive offering for corporate clients and receive expert support from Marie-Camille.

Personal consulting and orders

Have you found the right Choba Choba offer and would like to place an order? Or do you need personal assistance? Our team is here to help.


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What sets us apart and truly defines our uniqueness is our unwavering commitment to inclusivity and empowerment. Choba Choba is not just a Swiss chocolate brand; it's a pioneer that dares to challenge norms. We redefine the role of cacao farmers, transforming them from mere farmers into esteemed co-owners of our chocolate brand. This revolutionary
approach isn't just an innovation; it's the very bedrock upon which our entire business philosophy stands.

Aligned with our identity as cacao farmers, we embark on an extraordinary journey, carefully tending to our own cacao beans within the realm of sustainable agroforestry and embracing the principles of organic methods. This path grants us an exceptional quality – from the nurturing of cocoa seedlings to the delicate cacao drying stage – all skillfully
combined to bring about the ultimate transformation into the rich and indulgent chocolate that defines Choba Choba.

Gifting Choba Choba chocolates is a multi-faceted gesture that encompasses quality, social- & environmental sustainability, empowerment, appreciation of people and nature, cultural exchange, community, friendships & courage. It's a meaningful way to convey your values to partners and colleagues, creating a lasting impression that goes beyond the act of giving itself.

The chocolate creations or gift boxes from Choba Choba can be personalized either with a sleeve or a greeting card. For larger orders, there's also the option of co-branding, where we collaboratively design a suitable packaging for the chocolate bars or gift boxes in a co-branding style.

We'd be more than happy to provide you with personalized advice to determine the best customization option for you. Get in touch with us via info form here on the page or send an email to

Our gift boxes and customized shipping boxes are optimized for Swiss postal services (up to 2 cm when packaged). This means that individual bars and gifts can be easily and affordably sent via standard mail. Upon request, we also offer a personalized shipping service, taking care of every aspect of gift delivery from A to Z.

By the way, we're pleased to include a personal touch with each gift or bar – a handwritten message on a greeting card.
If you prefer to handle the shipping yourself, we can provide you with tailored shipping boxes for our gift boxes and bars.