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Our cacao - Organically grown in agroforestry systems

We grow our organic cacao in agroforestry systems under the direction of our team of agronomists and in collaboration with local and international experts.

This responsible approach preserves biodiversity, improves water quality, increases soil fertility and also reduces the risk of soil erosion.

We harvest our cacao trees all year round, with two distinct seasons: the main harvest between May and July and a smaller harvest in October and November.

Quality management right from the seedling

Our value chain is vertically integrated. This means we have full control over the quality of our cacao beans, from the tree nursery to our post-harvest center.

By synchronizing the harvest across all farms every 15 days, we ensure that only perfectly ripe cacao enters our fermentation and drying facilities.

There, thanks to our strict protocols and the quality controls carried out by our staff throughout the process, we ensure that the desired fermentations take place (and finish!) at the right time, depending on the cacao variety.