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The Nativo Project

In 2017, thanks to the support of our community, we launched the Nativo Project, an ambitious program to conserve and study cocoa diversity in the Huayabamba Valley. The first step, carried out between 2018 and 2019, was the identification, georeferencing and description of the many different cacao trees that we found in our plantations and the adjacent rainforest.

Today, 89 different cocoa varieties have been planted and conserved in our conservation garden in the Huayabamba Valley. 30 of them were pre-selected for certain agronomic and aromatic traits. Our research and evaluation work continues to select the most interesting cocoa varieties, both from the point of view of farmers and chocolate lovers.

Peru, the craddle of cacao

Peru is a biodiverse country recognized as an important center of genetic resources and hosts a wide diversity of cacao varieties. 6 of the 10 different genetic groups within the Theobroma cacao species find their origin in Peru.

However, this diversity is threatened - especially in the San Martin region - by the development of monoclonal cacao farming (farms that only grow one variety). Unfortunately, this approach, promoted as part of a broader development strategy to provide a viable alternative to coca cultivation, has resulted in a significant loss of the local cacao diversity.

Nativo Chocolate

Our exclusive Nativo chocolates are made from a blend of dozens of local cocoa varieties grown on and around our farms. We call them "Nativos".

We only produce a few hundred kilos of these precious and aromatic cocoa beans each year. 6 years ago we set out together to preserve and explore this valuable diversity...