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Our Home - the Huayabamba Valley, Peru

Nestled within the charming embrace of the Huayabamba Valley, our cacao farms are right at home in the peaceful heart of the Upper Amazon, birthplace of the cacao tree.

Covering 120-hectares that reach across Santa Rosa, Pucallpillo, Pizarro, and Bello Horizonte, our cacao-growing area flourishes in sync with the winding path of the Huayabamba River.

Here we personally take care of everything – we grow, harvest, ferment and dry our cacao, before it heads off on its journey to Switzerland where it is transformed into finest chocolate.

Geo-location of our cocoa farms

This map provides the precise positions of all our farms within the Alto Huayabamba Valley. Discover further details about each individual farm by selecting the banner-sign located in the upper left corner.

An exceptional terroir

The Huayabamba Valley is a treasure of land that's perfect for growing cocoa due to its great soil and climate. But it's not just about farming – the valley also boasts unique biodiversity and incredible natural wonders.

Nestled between the Andes foothills and the Amazon basin, you'll find the Rio Abiseo National Park. At its heart lies the archaeological site of Gran Pajatén.

This park has earned UNESCO recognition for both its natural beauty and cultural significance, putting it in the same league as the famous Machu Picchu. There are only around forty places in the world that can claim this special double recognition.

Preserving the Peruvian Amazon

In 2016 we were proud to welcome UNESCO's decision to create the Gran Pajaten Biodiversity Reserve. The reserve covers an area of ​​more than 2.5 million hectares.

Because our plantations are an integral part of this unique landscape, we have a duty to ensure environmentally sustainable cocoa production.

But what we do goes beyond our cocoa plantations. The Choba Choba Foundation supports three conservation concessions totaling 9,118 hectares in the reserve's buffer zone.

Not only is our cacao free from deforestation, but we also help protect the Peruvian Amazon and its precious biodiversity.