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Choba Choba’s participation in the 5th Edition of the Chocolate Scorecard

The Chocolate Scorecard is a resource for consumers seeking information about the chocolate they purchase from companies along the supply chain and for investors and stakeholders seeking to understand a company’s performance when it comes to key sustainability issues. It evaluates the participating companies’ performance in addressing human rights and environmental challenges and seeks to facilitate a productive dialogue to enhance their policies and practices towards improving the whole industry. Many companies use the scorecard to develop their own roadmaps for sustainability. It is coordinated by Be Slavery Free, with three Universities, consultants, and NGOs engaging in transforming the chocolate industry. 

Survey Process & 5th Edition of the Chocolate Scorecard

The survey underlying the Chocolate Scorecard gets filled in by the participating companies (results are self-declared by each company) each year in December/January and the results get published just before Easter. The 5th Edition of this Scorecard was published last week. In this edition, 63 companies from around the world participated, from medium/big companies (38) over Retailers (16) to small companies (9). Please find here more info about participating companies. 

And the questionnaire covered 6 areas:  tracability & transparency, living income, child labour, deforestation & climate, agroforestry & pesticides. And the scores given are (from best to worst): leading in policy & practice (green), progressing in policy & practice (yellow), needs improvement in policy & practice (orange), trailing in policy & practice (red) & lacks transparency did not respond or complete (grey). Learn more about the survey process here

Choba Choba’s participation in the 5th edition & results 

For the first time in Choba Choba’s history we participated in this year’s edition of the scorecard. And we got recognized as “leading in policy and practice“ in the chocolate industry (green rating/best rating). Out of the 63 organizations that participated int he 5th edition of the Scorecard (big manufacturers, small brands, retailer) only 8 companies got such a recognition. And only 2 in Switzerland. More over, it is important to recognize that we are the only chocolate company out of the 63 companies who is Farmer-Owned! 

Find here the detailed ranking of Choba Choba. 

What do you think about the Scorecard? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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