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Alto Huayabamba Valley

An exceptional terroir

The Alto Huayabamba Valley lies in the heart of the upper Amazon, the birthplace of cacao itself. Its rich ecosystem is part of UNESCO‘s Biosphere Reserve “Gran Pajatén” and home to many endemic species as well as unique cacao varieties. Our chocolates are not simply made with “Peruvian cacao”, but with the best varieties grown in agroforestry by the two communities Pucallpillo and Santa Rosa on their abundant land.

Best Swiss Chocolate

Today more than 75% of the chocolate couvertures are produced by only 3 multinational companies, blending different cacao varieties from various origins. The result is that more and more chocolates just taste the same. Choba Choba was created to fight against this standardization of flavor. In the Alto Huayabamba Valley alone, we can count dozens of different cacao varieties, each with its own flavor profile: jasmine, vanilla, coconut, dried fruits, citrus, coffee…

Because of its unique aromas every variety should be considered as individual when a chocolate is crafted out of it. We therefore decided to partner with the best Swiss chocolatier who transforms our cacao in small batches according to its specific profile in order to fully reveal the amazing flavors of Alto Huayabamba’s exceptional cacao and to bring chocolate lovers many different aromatic experiences.

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A revolutionary taste

The secret of our chocolate lies in its pureness: It is made out of agroforestry cacao beans grown on the small farms of our two communities, cacao butter and raw cane sugar. Nothing else. Let us also surprise you with our special treats, rounded up with some exotic ingredients chosen by the farmers themselves.

Celebrate with us a world premiere! Our “UNESCO milk chocolate” is the first creation in the world combining the treasures from two UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, building another bridge between two continents.

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